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My Story

 My name is Asanti Wilson, and the entrepreneurial spirit has been my guiding force since junior high school. Even at a young age, I saw opportunities where others didn't. I'd buy candy bars in bulk from Costco and sell them to my classmates at a more affordable price than the school store, setting the stage for my journey as a business owner.

 A passion for cleanliness and organization led me to start a car detailing business after high school. I then transitioned into car sales, gaining over a decade of experience in the auto industry. However, life took an unexpected turn in 2018 when the mother of my children relapsed, resulting in a life-altering car accident that left her paralyzed. With the responsibility of caring for our kids full-time, my long hours at the dealership were no longer sustainable.

 Fueled by my love for invention and entrepreneurship, I took a leap of faith. Drawing from my years in the auto industry, I embarked on a new path and founded Jarvis Vacuums. In 2018 I introduced my first product, a 12-volt wet/dry handheld vacuum tailored for cars. A year later, we expanded to a cordless version and are currently in the process of creating an innovative first-ever socially interactive vacuum and more!

Jarvis Vacuums

 Jarvis Vacuums is the first African-American owned and operated vacuum cleaner company in the world, based out of northern Virginia. We specialize in Hi-Tech cleaning supplies for your car, home, boat, RV, and more. Innovative, durable, and easy to use products ready right when you need them for a professional detailed clean, anywhere and at any time. With performance usually only found in the leading top name brands. Jarvis Vacuum innovations are inspired by our customers, families, supermoms & dads, Uber/Lyft drivers, and clean freaks when it comes to home & auto.

Top of the line customer care, a 60-day return policy, and a 1-year warranty on all Jarvis Vacuums included.

Take the chore and hassle out of cleaning with Jarvis, The new home, and auto care name.

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